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Pump Repair |

Our representatives have the knowledge and experience to ensure your pump repair is a success. We have the capabilities to troubleshoot issues in existing systems and perform the repairs necessary. We offers services for almost all manufacturers, including (but not limited to): Aurora Pump, Fairbanks Morse / Nijhuis, Weinman, Armstrong, Taco, B&G, Paco, Patterson, and Peerless.

We are an Authorized Aurora Pump Repair Facility!

We perform repairs on horizontal split-case, end suction, vertical inline, vertical multistage, vertical turbine, and more. Our inventory includes the tools and parts needed to ensure proper repair of your pump. Our trucks are equipped to perform repairs on-site if necessary.

AMS carries hundreds of items in stock ranging from: casings, impellers, shafts, steam traps (thermo-dynamic, inverted bucket, float and thermostatic, etc); as well as: gauges, thermometers, packing rings, mechanical seals, gaskets, shaft sleeves, bearings, and MUCH more. Please see our STOCK LIST for additional information.

Examining pump repair records and MTBF (mean time between failures) is of great importance to responsible and conscientious pump users. In view of that fact, the preface to the 2006 Pump User’s Handbook alludes to "pump failure" statistics. For the sake of convenience, these failure statistics often are translated into MTBF (in this case, installed life before failure).

Unscheduled maintenance is often one of the most significant costs of ownership, and failures of mechanical seals and bearings are among the major causes. Keep in mind the potential value of selecting pumps that cost more initially, but last much longer between repairs. The MTBF of a better pump may be one to four years longer than that of its cheap counterpart. Consider that published average values of avoided pump failures range from $2600 to $12,000. This does not include lost opportunity costs. One pump fire occurs per 1000 failures. Having fewer pump failures means having fewer destructive pump fires.

As has been noted, a typical pump failure based on actual year 2002 reports, costs $5,000 on average. This includes costs for material, parts, labor and overhead. Extending a pump's MTBF from 12 to 18 months would save $2,500 per yr, which is greater than the cost to upgrade the centrifugal pump's reliability.


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